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FA-249 Marine Lantern

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FA-249 Marine Lantern AUTOMATIC POWER

Range: 6 - 13 NM at 0.74T
Ideal for: buoys, docks, piers, jetties, marinas.

The FA-249 Marine Lantern is a rugged, compact and lightweight signal lantern constructed to withstand the mechanical stresses of service on buoys; it includes a number of features designed to endure harsh marine elements while maintaining structural integrity and reducing the need for maintenance. Available in white, red, green and amber.
  • A 3‐piece lens mounting system engineered to eliminate lantern failures from cracked or broken components at the lantern hinge point
  • Candlepower output of the acrylic lens exceeds that of larger conventional pressed glass lenses because acrylic has a higher color transmission factor and better optical characteristics
  • Fittings in base for electrical connection
  • 2 options for a tool‐less entry system: Stainless steel thumb screws, Stainless steel latches (The SS latch can be secured with a padlock to deter vandals)
  • Silicone rubber gasket for air‐tight seal
  • Candelabra, pre‐focused, marine signal lamps mounted on a rotating mechanism (Flashchanger) that automatically brings the next lamp into precise focal position when the operating lamp fails.
Optional Features:
  • External photocell, which limits lantern operation to hours of darkness only
  • Catoptic insert designed to catch light lost in top of lantern and redirect it to horizontal plane, increasing horizontal candlepower by 5%
  • TR-3 Power Supply with 120/240 VAC Input and 3 amp 12 Volt flashed output
  • Uniflash® Series wireless synchronization system
  • UHF/VHF radio for monitoring status of buoy lighting system or radio receiver for self-test actuation
  • Battery Charger and Small standby battery
  • Step-down transformer for AC/DC lampchanger in fixed burning applications

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