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wealth marine Radar Beacon RACON

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RACONS are receiver/transmitter devices operating in the maritime radar frequency bands (9 and 3 Ghz) that enhance the detection and identification of certain radar targets.
The WM-RBII is a second generation racon, using all solid-state electronics designed to meet with the recommendation and guidelines from IALA/IMO.
The WM-RBII is a frequency-agile racon and hence responds on the frequency on which they are interrogated. Upon receiving a pulse signal from a ship-borne radar, the WM-RBII transmits back a Morse-coded signal whose frequency is identical with that of the ship-borne radar, and leaves a clear signal on the ship's radar display indicating its own position with precision.
WM-RBII's dual-token side lobe suppression feature ensures that the radar display is not distracted from multiple responses generated by side-lobes. WM-RBII's Proportional Scaling feature prevents the response from displaying too much on the radar screen on short-range scales and too small on long-range scales.
WM-RBII's intelligent control system is capable of self-test, self-calibration and power adjustment in reaction to different operating environmental conditions.
The WM-RBII is a compact, lightweight and low power racon primarily designed for:
    ranging and identification of locations on inconspicuous coastlines
    identification of aids to navigation, both seaborne and land based
    landfall identification
    indicating centre and turning point in precautionary areas
    marking hazards
    indicating navigable spans under bridges
    as a leading line
One of the many useful features of WM-RBII racon is the ability to program the various settings like the Response Code (Morse code), Service Period and Sensitivity, without the need to access the internal electronics. The external programming can be easily done using a desktop or laptop computer, via a RS232 serial interface.
The WM-RBII racon has a cylindrical cast base (aluminium alloy) with an all-round handle for easy handling. The racon base that housed the internal electronics is sealed to IP67. The antennas are protected by an UV-stabilised, specially toughened poly-resin/FRP compound cover.
Standard WM-RBII supply package include the racon unit, power and communication (RS232) cables fitted with waterproof connector, CDROM for programming software setup, stainless steel mounting hardware and operational manual. Other optional items are also available, based on user's requirements.

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